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Intelligent solutions and application cases

Body fat called solution

Five thousand microsensors, 5g resolution, weightless memory, maternal and child, weight and scale are used. The body fat rate is based on world famous brand standards. Bluetooth, WlFl, 4G, manual input optional, non-slip, waterproof, anti-rollover.

The cheap model comes with a patented sensor, dedicated lC and glass.

Vending machine solution
The advancement of Internet of Things technology, micro-processing technology, sensor technology, and the pursuit of quality of life by the people have enabled the retail industry to enter rapidly...
Smart home solutions
High-precision sensors, standard digital modules, compatible with all types of standard communication interfaces, and customizable. Intelligent vending cabinets, large tare weight, smart storage shelves, hospital beds, massage chairs, refrigerators, washing machines, cooking and baking appliances.


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